Did you ever go to the Mars Club?

Posted: April 14, 2011 in club memories

What show did you see and what do you remember about the scene? Please share.

  1. first50 says:

    From marsclubofparis.com

    A favorite scene offering “jazz and cocktails” to many expatriate Americans was The Mars Club. In 1958 and 1959, the Mars Club was managed by a young American couple, Barney and Barbara Butler. Jazz musicians who played there had their names painted on the door. That painting is shown here, and in close-up views on other pages. Barney and Barbara Butler are the owners of the Alumni Door image that got this project started. Stories of what they remember about the musicians and the scene at the Mars Club during those days is chronicled here.

    • Ike Eichelberger says:

      Knew Barney Butler from my ARMY days @ Fontenet Ord Depot. He was Depot
      Used to visit his Mars Club in Paris during my Military stay in France
      1957-58. Loved the good jazz that was always available. And the reasonable
      priced drinks. Would rendevous there with other Army buddies who were based
      in France & Germany.

  2. Gina says:

    Went to both The Mars Club and The Blue Note on Prom Night in the 1960s. They were both still going strong and the epicenter of a fabulous emigre scene then alive, well and very much kicking up a storm in Paris. Ben Benjamin’s brother and family were very close family friends. My parents spent about one weekend a month with them in Paris, hanging out a lot at The Blue Note – other night spots in Paris, too, but The Blue Note was home base. We had moved out to the French countryside and it was too far for my sister and I to go, so we were sadly not regulars. But we heard the stories. Loved jazz but rock’n’roll was a real big thing back then so we didn’t make much of an effort. The Blue Note was expensive and formal, so most of our high school pals who lived in Paris or St. Germain hung out at The Mars Club where there was no cover and the scene was tres relaxed. My French boyfriend, who went to boarding school in Paris, hung out at The Mars Club with his friends. Wish both clubs were around now- and that whole, fabulous, vibrant, happy scene they were such a big part of.

  3. mary strauss says:

    I was recently in Paris trying to locate the Mars Club but had the wrong address Lobo Nocho the artist who painted the door was a long time partner of my sister when he returned to ths states

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