6 Rue Robert Estienne Today

Posted: January 19, 2012 in club memories

6 Rue Robert Estienne

Many thanks to C.J. Trahan for sending this photo of the former location of the Mars Club in Paris.

I heard from Clarence J. Trahan that his short story “SOS in Paris” contains mentions of the Mars Club, the Butlers,  and Aaron Bridgers. You can find the story at Black Short Stories. You can get a little preview of the story at that site. Clarence also told me he has a photo of the street address where the Mars Club used to be. I’d love to see that.

Here’s what Google Street view shows for the address, which is Six Impasse Robert Estienne.

UPDATE 6/25/12: The story SOS in Paris is no longer online.

What show did you see and what do you remember about the scene? Please share.

Were you a performer?

Posted: April 14, 2011 in musicians

Were you one of the musicians who appeared at the Mars Club in Paris? What can you tell us about the 1950s at the Mars Club in Paris? Please share your memories of the club and the scene here.

You can tell us you’ve been up to since then and share your news on the Performer News page.

This blog is to allow jazz fans who remember the Mars Club of Paris in the 1950’s a place to comment and get in touch with each other.

The Mars Club was home to a rich jazz scene with performers like Billy Strayhorn, Aaron Bridgers, Art Simmons, Billie Holiday, the Nicholas Brothers, Leroy Vinnegar and many others.

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